To ensure your vehicle looks great and last for many years, Maplewood Toyota offers the following vehicle protection products:

Corrosion Protection - $699

The Corrosion Protection is a two stage process. First the under carriage is protected against salt, rock chips, and other debris from the road that may cause rust and corrosion. Second the areas that are susceptible to salt and moisture are protected, such as the trunk, door panels, over the wells, spot welds and seams.

Our Corrosion Protection also helps to reduce road noise and comes with a 10-year transferable warranty with no deductible. There are no annual inspections necessary and no reapplications needed.

Paint Protection Sealant - $499

Our Paint Protection Sealant will protect your vehicle's paint from the harmful effects of the harsh environmental extremes found in Minnesota. This protection process aids against such offenders as Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Bugs, Sun, Acid Rain and other environmental pollutants. This Teflon-based product makes your vehicle very easy to keep clean and will help protect your vehicle's finish - keeping it from fading, chalking and dulling. There will be no need to wax your vehicle. Once the Paint Protection is applied, your vehicle will maintain a beautiful shine for years to come.

This process comes with a 5-year transferable warranty. (If you chose both Corrosion Protection and Paint Protection Sealant, you will also receive a 5-year surface rust warranty!)

Interior Surface Protection - $399

Our Interior Surface Protection will help keep the interior of your vehicle looking fresh and new. Once the surface protection is applied, the fabric, vinyl or leather surfaces in your vehicle are protected against stains caused by oil or water based elements. (i.e. coffee, ketchup, juice, mud) In addition, our interior surface protection helps to protect against fading and discoloration.

This process includes treating floor mats and comes with a 5-year transferable warranty. Additional warranties are available for burns, rips and tares.

Interior Floor Protection

Maplewood Toyota provides three types of floor mats to protect your vehicle's carpet from harmful elements. Our floor protection includes:

  1. WeatherTech Floor Liners
  2. All-Weather Floor Liners
  3. Carpet Floor Mats

For pricing information on Floor Liners and Mats, enter your model information on our Toyota Accessories page or contact the Maplewood Toyota Parts Department.

3M Hood Protection - $799

The 3M Hood Protection is a clear film that is applied to the first 12-18″ of your hood - the area that is most vulnerable to wear and damage. The hood protection film helps to repel insects, pebbles, rocks and other road debris that can chip away at your vehicle's paint, leaving pits of exposed metal that quickly rusts.  Also covers the fenders, door edges, door handle cups and mirror backs. 

This protection comes with a 5-year warranty against peeling, cracking, fading or discoloration.

Crystal Fusion Windshield Protection - $299

The Crystal Fusion Windshield protection is the answer to on-coming glaring headlights during an evening rain. This product greatly improves windshield clarity and visibility, reduces high definition glare, makes snow and ice removal easier and reduces wiper use. This permanent windshield application comes with a 10-year warranty and will:

  • Significantly reduce night time glare
  • Improve reaction time
  • Make glass shed rain, ice and dirt quickly
  • Deflect small road debris
  • Protect against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup
  • Strengthen glass by as much as 10 times

Go to to look at more video and product information.

Remote Start - $599

The remote start provides a convenient way to start your vehicle from a distance or when it is locked. It includes the following:

  • (2) 1-button 2-way remote
  • Range up to 2500 ft.
  • 25 minute run time
  • LED blink while running

Minnesota Premium Protection Package - $1749

The Minnesota Premium Protection Package includes the following 5 products: Corrosion Protection, Paint Protection Sealant, Interior Protection, 3M Hood Protection Film and Crystal Fusion Windshield Protection

Pick 3 Protection Package - $1499

The Pick 3 Protection Package includes 3 of the following products: Corrosion Protection, Paint Protection Sealant, Interior Protection, 3M Hood Protection Film, or Crystal Fusion

Pick 4 Protection Package - $1599

The Pick 4 Protection Package includes 4 of the following products: Paint Protection Sealant, Interior Protection, 3M Hood Protection Film, Corrosion Protection, or Crystal Fusion

All-Seasons Package Deal - $1899

The All-Seasons Package Deal includes the following 4 products: Corrosion Protection, Paint Protection Sealant, 3M Hood Protection Film and Remote Start

We can also apply any of these products to vehicles you may already own! 

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