Vehicle Protection Products

Your new Toyota will last for a long time. To ensure it stays protected from the elements and looking new as long as possible, Maplewood Toyota offers the following environmental protection products:

1) Rust Protection – This is a two stage process. First the under carriage is protected against salt, rock chips, and corrosion from below. Second the areas that are susceptible to salt and moisture are protected, such as the trunk, door panels, over the wells, spot welds, and seams. This Rust Protection process comes with a 10 year transferable warranty. There are no annual inspections, necessary, no reapplications needed and zero deductible.

2) Paint Protection – This will protect your paint from the harmful effects of the harsh environmental extremes found in Minnesota. This Protection process aids against such offenders as Tree Sap, Bird Droppings, Bugs, Sun, Acid Rain and other environmental pollutants. This is a Teflon based product which makes the vehicle very easy to keep clean. This also helps the finish keep its luster protecting if from fading, chalking and dulling. The best benefit may be that there is no need to wax the vehicle once the Paint Protection is applied. This process comes with a 7 year warranty. (If you chose both Rust Protection, and Paint Protection you will also receive a 5 year surface rust warranty!)

3) Interior Protection – This will help keep the interior looking fresh and new by aiding in warding off stains from coffee, ketchup, mud, juice, oil or water based stains. Any vinyl or leather surfaces in the vehicle will be protected against fading or discoloration. This process comes with a 7 year warranty.

4) 3M Hood Protection Film – This clear film is applied to the first 12-18″ of your hood, the area most vulnerable to damage. This helps repel road debris and protect against rock chips which can eat away at the paint, pitting and rusting away your hood. This comes with a 5 year warranty against peeling, cracking or discoloration. We sell a lot of this!

5) Crystal Fusion – Have you ever been driving at night in the rain when the headlights from the car coming towards you blind you with glare and you can’t see the edge of the road or where the center line is? Crystal Fusion is the solution.

This permanent windshield application:

  • Significantly reduces night time glare
  • Improves reaction time
  • Makes glass shed rain, ice and dirt quickly
  • Deflects small road debris
  • Protects against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup
  • Strengthens glass by as much as 10 times.

This comes with a 5 year warranty. Go to to look at video demonstrations.

We offer these products because we want to make sure you enjoy your vehicle for years to come.

We can also apply any of these products to vehicles you may already own! Contact Joua Khang for details, or to schedule an appointment.