How Hybrids Save Money

Why Buy a Toyota Hybrid
Here are the top 10 reasons to purchase a Toyota Hybrid vehicle.

  1. Great MPG
    • Prius Hatch – 50 MPG
    • Prius c – 50 MPG
    • Prius v – 42 MPG
    • Camry Hybrid LE – 41 MPG
    • Camry Hybrid XLE – 40 MPG
    • Avalon Hybrid – 40 MPG

    At $3.50 a gallon, 50 mpg will save you $840 a year over a car getting 25 mpg

  2. Great Resale Value
    Toyota is Kelly Blue Book’s Best Resale Brand.
  3. No Transmission Service
    Power Split device takes the place of a traditional transmission and is maintenance free.
  4. Long Lasting Brakes
    Regenerative braking does the majority of the braking for the vehicle so you can expect to go a long, long, long time on your first set of brakes
  5. No Belts
    Toyota Hybrids are belt-free! Not a single belt to ever replace! That means no timing belt either!
  6. Toyota Care
    With Toyota Care your first five scheduled maintenance intervals are no charge; courtesy of Toyota. (2 years or 25000 miles whichever comes first) This gives you roadside assistance for that time period as well so you can cancel your AAA.
  7. No Power Steering Fluid
    With Electronic Power Steering there is no fluid to change – ever!
  8. 120,000 mile spark plug interval
    Iridium tipped plugs are long lasting.
  9. 100,000 mile first coolant flush
    Long life coolant gives you 100,000 miles of first service.
  10. 10,000 mile oil change interval
    Full Synthetic 0W20 oil can go 10,000 miles or 12 months between changes.