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311,000+ of Prius Bliss -Submitted By: Sheri N.

What’s with all the rant and rave about “I’m almost to 100,000, yea, yea” and ” I’m almost to 200,000.” In 4 years, and 2 mo. my Prius and I have fallin’ more deeply in LOVE, with over 311,000 and counting, with no problems, 50+ mpg, oil changes every 5k, and Brakes at 255,000 Now that’s the LOVE for you. My family keeps trying to get me to divorce and trade or sell my Prius, but I can’t, I’m a one brand woman, and I will always be faithful to Toyota (I own a Tacoma, too) I was on a mission for 500,000, now it’s so close I’m raising the bar to new heights, maybe I’ll make 750,000. Coming Soon my 400,000 mile update


300,000 miles, averaging 50 mpg, original batteries! -Submitted By: James P.

With over 250,000 miles on my Prius, my sons wanted to take (what we refer to as the new car) my Prius across country to save money on gas. Starting in South Bend IN, one took it to the Grand Canyon via Northern Minnesota, my other son took it to Texas without a problem. In 5 years and putting on 309,000 miles I had to change the headlights and get the brakes done only once. The best mileage I ever got on a long run was 550 miles on a single 10 gal. tank of gas. That equates to over 55 mpg. On a short run I got 68 mpg following a semi. I love my Prius so much, I talked three of my neighbors into owning one and they love their cars like I love mine. It still rides great and I am now looking forward to 400,000 miles. Thanks Toyota!

My Friends call me Miss Prius -Submitted By: Bj W.

I bought my 2008 Prius in the spring of ’08. It is the best car I have ever owned. I love Toyota already, but the Prius is fantastic. I get up to 50 mpg on a 50 mile commute every day. It’s a smooth ride, good sound, and comfortable. I’ve had a full car with luggage and 5 passengers and still got great gas mileage and everyone said they were comfortable. I really want the new 2010 with solar panels! Everyone should own a Prius!

700+ miles on one fill up -Submitted By: Tom P.

I was able to achieve 44.2 mpg (716 miles on 16.2 gallons) on my 2009 Camry Hybrid. On its first 17,232 miles it averaged 42.6 mpg. It now has 32,340 miles. Fuel savings of $3,116 (since purchase) versus 16 mpg “clunker”.

Road Trip -Submitted By: Kim K.

My wife and I just finished a 4,500 mile road trip. We drove our 2009 Prius and averaged 48.8 miles per gallon. The Prius ran perfect.

2007 Camry Hybrid at 75,000+ – 100,000 in 2010! -Submitted By: Hilary B.

I love my Camry Hybrid!

I have never had such a wonderful car (maybe I am sheltered, but it’s true)! In 2007 when we bought this car, I was 6 months into a new job that had me driving over 3,000 miles a month ? while I loved my Hyundai Elantra, it was a stick and my left knee would kill me if I got stuck in traffic (always between gears). So, we drove A LOT of cars! I really liked the Camry Hybrid and did a lot of number crunching to figure out that with reimbursement at $0.55/mile I could afford to get one ? yeah!

The local dealer didn’t want to deal on the hybrids but while we were in San Diego for our 1st anniversary we stopped by a dealership and they did want to deal! My wonderful husband insisted that this car was a tool for my job and that it needed to be very comfortable since I spent so much time in it so we got it all – leather, navigation, Bluetooth hands-free – it’s great! I don’t know how I ever lived without navigation and the Bluetooth ? I do conference calls and all kinds of work while I am on the road and if I need to find a copy shop or a restaurant the navigation is wonderful!

I am a bit nervous about hitting the big 100k mark but all the great stories here have put my mind at ease ? I am sure it will be great! I have had one new set of tires and just had to replace the brakes ? not too bad at all! I was at the gas station the other day when a ?90s model Camry pulled in behind me and the owner got out effusing about how much he loved his Camry which had 250K on it! With testimonials like that I hope my Camry can keep chugging for at least 100K more!

Thanks Toyota!

100,000+ miles and still original brakes. -Submitted By: John N.

Talk about low maintenance ? I have driven my 2002 Prius for 6 years and have had very little in the way of maintenance costs beyond fluid changes. The original brakes are still on the car and at my last oil change they were checked (“still have 40% of the pad”). I never thought owning this vehicle would be so cost effective ? I still get 50+ mpg.

Love my Prius!!!!! -Submitted By: Elizabeth S.

We got our 2004 Prius in 2006. I fell in love with it immediately and still love it. We just rolled (past) 170,000 miles and it has remained dependable and despite the fact that we have not babied it, have not always gotten the oil changes when we should, etc., it has never had to have any mechanical work done and still drives great. I’ll drive this car until it won’t go anymore and then when it’s time, I would have no worries about buying a brand new Prius. We commute no less than 80 miles/day for work and the fuel savings compared with our previous vehicle essentially made the majority of the payment so it was definitely a GREAT decision. We drive to Florida for summer vacations from Oklahoma and it only costs about $175 round trip. Can’t beat that! I still stand behind Toyota and know that any problems will be resolved and I have no concerns about purchasing another Prius when the time comes because I am an extremely satisfied customer.

120,000 miles in 60 months -Submitted By: John P.

I live, work and commute in Northern VA. The challenging traffic conditions and requirement for HOV/hybrid to travel some limited access roads led me to buying my Prius. I have trekked 120,000 miles in the first five years. My Prius is 100% reliable, like the Eveready battery bunny, it just keeps going. The only maintenance I have had to have done is scheduled 5k mile service intervals and tire repair/replacement — I live on a very rough gravel/rock private road. This is a one lane road and I am often obligated to pull off into the weeds/woods/grass/mud etc. to allow a car coming the other way to get by. My Prius does not get stuck, it just works! Thanks for building a great car. Thanks also to your professional dealer maintenance… I only let your dealers work on my car. I am assured that the service they provide is the best available. Great work! I look forward to posting another story at the 10-year mark! OBTW, I still get 47-49 MPG! The hybrid system is terrific!

Update: 447,000 original miles! -Submitted By: Curtis M.

I have already been chosen once by Toyota about 2 years ago for the high mileage club. I now have 447,000 original miles on my Toyota V6 pickup that I purchased new in 1988. Just returned from a road trip, driving from Bakersfield, CA, to Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico and back. Spent 3 months driving all over Southern Baja and during my annual trip never encountered a single problem. I have been doing this trip every year since 1988! In fact, I didn’t even have my mechanic check out my truck before I started my vacation. Just loaded my truck and went for it! Who would ever have enough confidence to drive their vehicle a 1000+ mile into Mexico and back with almost 500,000 miles? Friends tell me I’m crazy, I just say Toyota! I?m already planning my annual trip for this Dec. Thanks, Toyota!

2001 Tacoma Doublecab takes a BEATING! -Submitted By: Matthew W.

I bought my 2001 Tacoma Doublecab in June of 2001 with about 60 miles on the odometer. By the time it was one year old, I gone over 45,000. In September of 2005 while towing a trailer, a tire on the trailer blew causing me to fishtail. My Tacoma and I rolled twice at about 60 MPH. I walked away with a seat belt bruise much to the amazement of the Police Department and the State Police. When it was destroyed, my Tacoma had 148129 miles on it and had NEVER EVER failed me. The only major repairs I faced were a new rack & pinion (damaged in a previous accident) and a timing belt which I did to prevent problems. When my insurance paid up and I had to replace my truck, I didn’t hesitate to buy another Tacoma! LONG LIVE TACOMAS!!!!

Tacoma Dependability is Great -Submitted By: Daniel M

I purchased my 1998 Tacoma PreRunner V-6 automatic with all the options available at the time. I now have 119K miles on the truck and it still looks and rides like the day I got it.

Everything is original except the water pump, starter, and a tie rod end. I maintain it exactly to factory specs and it has never let me down. As a prior owner of 7 different Toyota vehicles I can state the quality and dependability of Toyota can not be touched by other vehicles.

I am hoping to get to 300K on my truck. It still has no body rust after 8 years and is a wonderful vehicle. It sure looks good parked next to my wife’s 2006 Highlander Limited in our garage.

Thanks Toyota for making the best vehicles on the road!

if it was not for this truck -Submitted By: Will S.

My family has been loyal Toyota customers since back in the late 70’s. I got my Tacoma truck used and it had 30,000 miles on it. It now has 175,000 miles on it and it still has the same clutch. It has the same paint, engine, transmission, everything, I have though installed off road headers, “performance” air intake, better exhaust system, electric cooling fan, and it has handled some of the toughest snows, sands dunes, the fastest streets , to mud. This sounds sad but all my girlfriends know that I love my Toyota more than them, and it has lasted longer then them too. I can say with pride that I will always drive Toyota trucks.

Keeps on ticking -Submitted By: David T.

Well I bought a 1995 Toyota truck brand new back in Jan 1995 added factory air basic 4 cly roll-up windows standard tranny, plain jane! I have 171000 miles on her. This truck can not be beat tell you why, in 1998 it was submerged in flood water over its cab, thought I just lost my truck, took seats out drain gas tank pulled plugs flushed engine out change oil and gas filters repacked wheel bearings, changed transmission fluids dried her out put her back together turn key she fired right up. The battery lasted 10 yrs on my second one now, replaced tires 3 times changed brakes 3 times, never ever serviced ac still ice cold got a few bumps on her, even had a Chevy hit her on drivers front fender did not hurt her but boy Chevy did not look good. So all you Toyota truck guys tell me about your 200-300 mile stories well I know ainýt nobody can say after her being submerged in a flood she is still running and all original except battery tires and brakes. Try beating this! And ainýt no Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Suzuki or Isuzu can say that. Oh forgot also hit by john boat during flood rescuing neighbors could not see truck under water! Got footage by channel 13 in Houston to back that up. I treasure my Toyota and also own 2 Corollas.

Best Vehicle I Have Ever Owned!!! -Submitted By: Pierre W.

I bought my Tundra 2002 Double Cab In October of 2001. Since then I have put 122,000 miles on it in my sales job, making 15 to 20 stops each day. Even with the V8, I get close to 18 MPG. After 8 years on the road this truck has no squeaks or rattles of any kind. This is by far the best vehicle that Toyota has ever built. On long trips, my Tundra is more comfortable than my wife’s Lexus ES350. I look forward to driving this truck for many more years to come. Incredibly, it drives as good today as it did the first day.

I still cannot find any reason to buy a new one!! -Submitted By: Keith K.

I bought this truck with 34k on the odo and I currently have 119k. I recently took a 6-hour deer hunting trip in my Tacoma and boy was I amazed. I typically drive my truck in town so my “highway” mpg is not all highway. Anyhow, while driving around 75 to 80 mph, I still got 22.5 – 23 mpg. I have a 4×4 v6 Extra Cab. It was me and one passenger and a mess of extras, a full cooler, an extra cab FULL of gear and still got that good of mileage. All I have ever done to this truck is the scheduled maintenance (oil changes, brakes, tires etc.). I still have the factory alt. but I have replaced the water pump due to changing the timing belt. While the new Tacoma may be quieter and ride better, there is no reason to get rid of mine. I just cannot bring myself to buying a new one when I am not “tired” of the one I have. All I can say is what a truck. I am sure that you know how good their product is – that is why you are on this site. I often laugh to myself when I see other trucks out there that I know cost more but come nowhere close to the performance, resale value or reliability of the Toyota. Do your friends and neighbors a favor and tell them that they are doing themselves a disservice if they do not look and heavily consider ANY Toyota. I have 2 Toyotas and always will. Thank you for building such a far superior car and please continue doing what you are doing.

Success Story with My Tacoma Truck -Submitted By: Jacob M.

My wife and I were driving home last night in our 2006 Tacoma. We were pulling a trailer when we were rear-ended. The trailer was ripped off our hitch and forced our tail to spin us around. We then flipped end-to-end and then side-to-side before landing on our wheels. The driver that hit us sped away leaving us there alone. We climbed out of the truck through the driver’s window on our own. The paramedics and response teams could not believe we walked away with only a few bruises. Needless to say our Tacoma is totaled but we are already looking for another Tacoma or Tundra. We will not even consider another brand after we were able to walk away from this wreck. Thank you for making your Tacoma so safe, this could have ended so differently. Thank you, a loyal Toyota customer!

$2,900 and 328,000 (and counting) miles later… -Submitted By: Stephen W.

I am the second owner of a 1995 Toyota Avalon. Friends laughed at me for buying a car for $2,900 with 195,000 miles on it, but as a previous owner of a Toyota and recognizing a car that still ran as if it were practically brand new, I proceeded to purchase the car without hesitation. Seven years and 133,000 additional miles later, I laugh all the way to the bank every month as I continue to drive a rock solid car that has the original engine and transmission, and has required minimal mechanical maintenance. To further add to the credibility to the master engineering job performed by Toyota on this car, I should mention that I do not baby my Toyota by any means on my daily commute to work. My Avalon drivetrain responds every time to my rigorous demands as I negotiate traffic every day, and has never once failed me. I have also taken my car on many road trips in various climates, and have the utmost confidence for the reliability of my high mileage vehicle. It drove like a dream in a winter blizzard on the way to and from a skiing trip that I took. It comfortably cruised in and out of New York City and up and down the east coast. The original air condition was as cold as ever during a five-day 102F degree heat wave 2 years ago, while my original heater continues to produce the warmest heat during the winters. Considering my vehicle is running on the original engine and transmission, and majority of peripheral engine parts, my Toyota Avalon provides the perfect story to tell about Toyota engineering quality. I offer my car to Toyota Engineers to dissect once I am finished with it to help them continue to study how to make an ultra quality drive train that demonstrates the utmost reliability of all available brands on the market. But before that, I offer my story to drive my Toyota across the country in various climates with my original drive train and high mileage, to prove that Toyota quality is indeed superior as I successfully complete the voyage. I challenge any other brand owner with a similar story to make the same offer with the same level of confidence that I have with my Toyota.

1 GREAT SEQUOIA – Submitted By: Anthony S.

I purchased my Toyota in October 2001 as a birthday gift to myself. It’s the single best investment I’ve ever made. I’ve driven it all over the country and have yet to change even a headlight. It’s taken me from duty station to duty station, and through every kind of storm. When my alternator died at 268k miles, it was the first time in my life that I?d felt like I had gotten full use out of an auto part! My vehicle still runs like it’s new, and I expect to reach 500k with it. I luv Toyota!

1988 Toyota Corolla GTS: 386,000 miles and still going -Submitted By: Sue G

I bought my Toyota Corolla GTS new in 1988 and I am still driving it 386,000 miles later. I love this car.

Part of the Family -Submitted By: Rebecca L

My 1991 Previa with 450,000 miles is in most of my family photos…it was just “there”. My children and I have traveled in it on vacations..and now that they’re grown, I drive to and from their homes or colleges across the U.S. It is a “rolling scrapbook” of memories… including the already mentioned vacations. My children each learned to drive with it, and it has donned advertising items on its roof for various school-related fundraisers. We continue to celebrate major mile markers.. like we did at 100,000, 111,111. 200,000, 222,222, 300,000, 333,333 , 400,000 and most recently – 444,444. Since my children weren’t around for the Chinese Fire Drills and sign carrying… I recruited other family members… in the photo attached. I was the first one in town to own the Previa and maybe I’ll be the last… No matter what ails it… it has been reasonably repaired… It is a mechanical piece of art.

It continues to run on its original engine and transmission… and it’s still rather good-looking I must say… I feel like now, that the kids are gone… we are growing old together… and when its final days come… I’m sure I’ll feel I’ve lost part of the family… Oh…. the song that was on the radio when the van hit 444,444… was “I’m A Believer”.

Still going strong after 300K! -Submitted By: Wes B.

I was fresh from a BAD experience with a well known luxury car and was looking for reliability and value. I researched the new car market and settled on a new (end of model year) 1992 Camry DX. I didn’t have any idea what a jewel I had found. In three and a half years, I was done with car payments. My two sons both took the 92 Camry on their honeymoons. I zipped past 100,000 in three years. No repairs at all until 125.000 miles(replaced the windshield wiper motor). Replaced a clutch at 260,000 miles , but it was still going strong! I had to stop and take pictures when I rolled over 300,000 miles last year. I leaped in the air just like on the TV commercials! My 92 Camry now has a garage mate – a 2005 Camry LE. The 92 is on light duty now – just the daily commute to work and back – but still going strong at 307,500 miles. Who gets 300K+ miles out of a car? Toyota does! Thanks, signed ‘No car payments for 12 years’.

Amazing Camry – Submitted By: Gaye L.

In august of 1992 I purchased my first Camry—it was love at first test drive. So, I merrily went about my business using my Camry all the time and the miles began to roll by but I wouldn’t trade it in I LOVED it way to much to let it go. About eight years ago we moved three hours from my husbands work but for three of those years I still happily drove my Camry and he a company truck, but then he changed jobs and needed a dependable car that wold take him 300 miles round trip each day–yes I gave up my beloved Camry to him, of course we bought a new one for me to keep so the mileage would remain low, so now it is five years later and at 367,000 miles we are very sadly saying good bye to the vehicle. There is nothing wrong with the engine but some repairs do need to be done that is really just routine maintenance but it will cost more then the blue book so we have to say good-bye to the car and yes we are really upset. Fourteen years and 367.000 miles WOW! We will be buying another Toyota on Saturday! You get what you pay for–not once in all those miles and in all those years did that car ever have any problems nothing just routine checkups. It has the original everything except tires and timing belt on it. Only needed to do the brakes once. Like I said ONE AMAZING CAR.

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