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Ross Meyer has worked for Maplewood Toyota for over 18 years. He is Maplewood Toyota's Dealership Training Specialist and Product Knowledge Guru. Ross is also a presenter at the New Owner Celebration.

Do you have questions about your Toyota? Are you considering a purchase and want to know more? Is there a feature on your vehicle you've always wanted to know more about? Are you having issues with Bluetooth or Navigation technology? Do you need one-on-one help? Ross can answer all these questions and more. Simply use the "Contact Ross" button on this page to submit your question to Ross or call Ross directly.

Here are a few questions customers have submitted:

Q: (From Greg) - Ross, the Scout GPS on my Rav4 isn't showing a map. It just has directions. What am I doing wrong?
A: Greg, the issue is most likely that you do not have the phone corded to the USB port. When you do it, make sure you are using a factory OEM cord - like the one that came with your phone when you got it new.

Q: (From Melissa) - I can't seem to get my Apple CarPlay to work on my 2019 Camry. What am I doing wrong?
A: Melissa, there are a couple possible solutions. First, make sure your phone's software is up to date. Second, make sure you are using an Apple lightning cable - aftermarket ones are problematic. Third, make sure SIRI is turned on.

Q: (From Walter) - My Bluetooth worked for a while but all of a sudden it quit working. I have an older flip phone so that might have something to do with it. Any ideas?
A: Flip phones are very problematic when it comes to Bluetooth. The technology in that type of phone is antiquated (even if you just bought the phone.) The quick fix I have found is to turn the phone off, remove the battery, wait a minute or so, then put the battery back in and turn it on. Most of the time that will work. With other non-flip phones I would suggest you delete the pairing from both the car and the phone and start from scratch but I wouldn't do that with a flip phone. I have found if you do that it is very difficult to re-pair them.

Q: (From Doug) - I have a 2011 Sequoia with the navigation system and everywhere I go there is a 'trail of breadcrumbs' on the map. How do I get rid of those?
A: This is a common question. On the Navigation screen, when you are on the main map, there is a button on the bottom "On/Off" toolbar titled 'Show on Map'. If you touch that it will bring up an option menu. One of the options is 'Route Trace'. If you touch Route Trace, it will unselect that option and will take the "breadcrumbs" off your map. I hope this helps!

Q: (From Brian) - I just purchased a 2011 Camry LE 4 cylinder. How do I know if it has synthetic oil or regular oil. Do I really only need to change the oil every 10000 miles?
A: Brian I certainly understand your confusion on this issue. First, the way you can tell whether Toyota put synthetic or traditional motor oil in your vehicle is to pop the hood and look on the oil cap. All Toyota models will have the oil type printed on the oil cap.

  • Your Camry will say 0W-20 which is full synthetic. This vehicle has a recommended oil change interval of 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. You can certainly change it more frequently but you can also wait until the manufacturers interval.
  • Some will say 0W-20 and 5W-30 on the cap. These come from the factory with traditional (non-synthetic) 5W-30 oil. You can use synthetic with no harmful effects on this engine.
  • Some will say only 5W-30. These also come with traditional (non-synthetic) oil, but Toyota does not recommend the use of synthetic oil in this vehicle.

Q: (From Tom) - I can't get my garage door opener programmed to the Homelink in my car. What am i doing wrong?
A: There are two possibilities depending on what type of opener you have in your garage. - If you have a non-rolling code garage door opener, chances are you aren't holding the buttons down long enough. Hold the opener within a couple inches of the homelink in your car. Press the opener button and one of the homelink buttons down and hold them. The little light on the homelink should stay solid for about 30 seconds or so, then it will start blinking slowly - you aren't done yet - keep pressing the buttons until that light starts blinking quickly. When you see that you are done.

  • If you have a rolling code garage door opener (i.e. either you know that for a fact or the above process doesn't work) you need to do a little more. On the back of the garage door motor housing there will be a button labeled "learn" or "program" or the like depending on the make of the opener. Press that button and release it (don't hold it down too long or you will erase any other remote openers…) Then within 30 seconds, go into your car and press one of the homelink buttons for 2 seconds, release, press for 2 seconds and release. Sometimes, with some openers, this is enough to program it and the door will open/close. If that doesn't happen, press the button again for 2 seconds and let go - that should do it. If not, you will have to repeat the process again, and possibly again (It took me several tries to get my wife's car programmed.) Hope that helps!
(Update - some garage door opener units will have a limit to the number of devices programmed to it so if you program your car it may deprogram another opener!!!)

Q: (From Amanda) - I am having trouble with Entune on my 2012 Camry. My iPhone pairs up every time (thanks to your help!) and I can play music from it, but I can't get the APPS to work. What is going on?
A: There are a couple things that could be going on (assuming you have gone through the registration process at

  • With all phones, you must have the Entune APP open and running on your phone.
  • With the iPhone (and only the iPhone) you must have it connected to the vehicle with the USB cable. The APPs won't run without that. I hope this helps and solves the issue - we do have a page with some how-to videos at Toyota Entune Videos.


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