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Why Does My Gas Mileage Stink in the Winter?

poor winter-gas-mileageAs if we really needed another reason to hate winter.

Those of us living in northern climes have already started to notice the seasonal decline in fuel economy, even with careful attention to sagging tire pressure (probably the best known effect of the mercury's slide).

Yet, despite diligent all-around maintenance and continued careful driving, cold weather fuel consumption can be dramatically worse than in warm temperatures.

How much worse?

Have a gander at these calculations for a hybrid at 60 MPH in varying ambient temperatures:

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Should You Let Your Car Warm Up In The Winter?

extreme-cold-weather-vehicle-referenceShould you let your car warm up in the extreme cold weather of Minneapolis Minnesota?

Well, yes and no. If you have a modern fuel-injected engine (i.e. Camry, Highlander, 4Runner, etc.) and the temperature is very cold (think below zero) it would be wise to let the car run for a minute or two before driving off. Allowing the oil to move around a bit is a good idea when it is cold. It will also be a…

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Car Wax, Glaze or Paint Sealant. What Paint Protection is Best?

toyota-paint-protectionA lot of people here in Minneapolis, MN like to wax their car to give it a nice shine and protect it from the winter elements.  With clear coat on new cars, Sunday afternoon car waxing may not be necessary.  Let's take a look at the differences between Wax, Glaze and Paint Sealant.WAX - Waxes are liquids or pastes that contain natural carnauba wax as the main ingredient. They usually create a wetter, glossier look to the shine and are usually easier to apply than paint sealants due to their greater oil content. The downside to using wax is…
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We Hosted a Basic Auto Service, Maintenance and Safety Information Group

hosted-service-groupMaplewood Toyota hosted some seniors from Mounds Park Academy in St. Paul, MN. They received some basic Auto Service, maintenance and safety information including:

  • How to change a flat tire
  • How to jump start a vehicle
  • What happens when you bring your Toyota vehicle in for service

Thanks to all who participated. Anyone interested in having your school group in for a service tour contact our Parts & Service Director: Russ Bestler at

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Floor Liners & Floor Mats for Your Toyota

Toyota-Floor-MatsIf you live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, now would be a perfect time to get new floor mats for your Toyota. We offer three types of Floor Mats. 

WeatherTech Liners: These floor mats are laser-measured to precisely fit any Toyota model like the Toyota RAV4. These liners are manufactured with a harder resin and designed to give you the ultimate in interior floor protection.

All-Weather Floor Liners - Toyota all-weather floor liners offer superior protection for your interior. They cover the floor and surrounding edges on all sides to help keep the floor clean and dry. Precise OEM measurements…
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Is Your Car Ready For Winter

The calendar may say it's fall, but everyone in Minneapolis, Minnesota knows winter is right around the corner, peeking it's cold blustery head around the corner.  So the question begs, "Are you ready?"  An even better question, "Is your car ready?"  Regardless if you own an Toyota Rav4 AWD, or a front-wheel drive Toyota Camry, there are several things to be checked before the weather turns.

Check Tires

Pay attention to your tires while you are driving looking for:
  • Constant “howling” noise
  • Vibration – especially at 50+ mph
  • Uneven wear – turn your wheel and see if either side or…
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