Continuing to put the health of our staff and patrons first, Maplewood Toyota has installed an air purification system. This is no ordinary system; it is a Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionizer.


This technology produces a high concentration of positive and negative ions, delivering them to the space via the ventilation system. Within the air stream, ions attach to particles, where they combine, become larger and are more easily filtered from the air. When ions come in contact with pathogens, they disrupt the pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive.


The results are astounding. SARS-CoV-2 is reduced by 99.9% - as tested by Innovative Bioanalysis.


Even though this has been put in place, we are still following the CDC and local government guidelines including masks, plexiglass partitions, hand sanitizer stations as well as social distancing.


So whether you are here buying a vehicle or waiting for service, you can rest assured Maplewood Toyota is doing everything - even going above and beyond to provide you with the best, and safest customer experience.

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