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You always see blogs, articles and tips on "winterizing" your vehicle, but you hardly ever see any advice on how to get your car ready for the spring and summer. It is just as important to take some preventative and restorative steps after winter as it is before. Below are some tips and more importantly some coupons for you!

The tires and suspension on your car take a beating during the winter months. Between potholes (we don't have those in Minnesota and Wisconsin do we?), ice, snow, snow banks, etc, it is important to check your tires and make sure that they are still in good shape and pay close attention to the track of your vehicle, and any vibrations or pulling of the vehicle. You can check the tread depth on your tires very easily. Take a penny and insert it - upside down - into the tread on your tire (make sure you do it in every groove). If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, you need new tires.

Chances are your windshield wipers saw their fair share of snow, ice and rain this winter. Running your wipers over ice on your windshield is brutal on the rubber. Check them to make sure they are not worn out. Windshield wipers should be replaced once a year. Spring typically brings with it a lot of rain, so you will most likely need to use them often in the next few months.

Winter is very hard on car batteries. We offer a complimentary Express Battery Check in our service department. In case you didn't notice this past winter, Minnesota and Wisconsin use a ton of salt and sand on the roads. This really helps with traction but it can also cause damage to the paint on your vehicle. Vehicles are more aerodynamic now more than ever. This creates a vacuum in front of your car which will pick debris (read salt and sand) up onto your vehicle. Your hood, bumper and fenders will take the brunt of this attack. The bumper isn't as crucial as it is plastic, but the hood and fenders will chip over time. There are a couple things you can do about this. We sell touch-up paint in our parts department.

You can also add a 3M hood protector to your vehicle. This clear film is applied to the first 12-18" of your hood, the area most vulnerable to long-lasting damage. It helps repel road debris and protect against rock chips which can eat away at the paint, pitting and rusting away your hood. This comes with a 5 year warranty against peeling, cracking or discoloration. We sell a lot of this! Your windshield will also be under attack from debris, pitting it over time. We offer a product called Crystal Fusion which will not only strengthen the glass itself but will also reduce glare, and repel water, ice and snow. You can also apply rustproofing for long-term rust prohibitive protection. This comes with a 10 year rust-through warranty doubling Toyota's manufacturer warranty.

Once the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming, it is important to clean your vehicle all over. You can certainly do it yourself, just make sure you clean the engine compartment and the under carriage as well. It is important to clean all the salt and sand from under the car too. If you don't feel like doing it yourself, and would like it professionally done, we offer a full vehicle detail package. Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from seasonal allergies? (no this isn't an advertisement for one of the veritable plethora of allergy medicines) If pollen or dust bothers your allergies, your Cabin Air Filter is your best friend while you are in your car. Your Cabin Air Filter acts like the furnace filter in your home, filtering all the air that comes into the cabin. It is important to keep the vents on the engine compartment cowling clear – this is where the air comes in. Check it periodically for leaves, seeds dirt, etc in the spring/summer/fall and clear the ice and snow away from it in the winter.

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