Sometimes referred to as a grade, a vehicle's trim categorizes the vehicle as far as options, packages, available extras or performance.  So to one degree or another it determines how nice a vehicle is.

Let's back up and talk about structure for a moment. Let's take a Toyota Camry as an example. The order in which a vehicle is described is backwards from how we say our names.  "John Smith" is first name first and family name last. With a vehicle, the Model (last name) goes first "Camry" and the trim (first name) "LE" comes last.

There is a tier structure to vehicles, usually by manufacturer.  With Toyota, L is the base model, LE is the middle of the road, SE is a little sportier, XLE is a step up from LE, the XSE is the super sporty model, when available the Limited is a step up from the XLE, and Platinum is the ultimate.

In Toyota's truck line, L is replaced with SR, and LE is replaced with SR5.

Hopefully this will clear up any fogginess regarding the tree of nomenclature when it comes to Toyota models.

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