Following in Toyota's footsteps, Maplewood Toyota is taking initiative to lessen our landfill output.

Toyota has long been a leader in the manufacturing community regarding their footprint and Maplewood Toyota will endeavor to do our part. We are connecting with BizRecycling, a St. Croix county resource for Recycling and Energy.  After a consultation, Maplewood Toyota is going to be taking steps outlined by BizRecycling to be much more environmentally respectful. In the coming months, watch for changes to be taking place in our lounge and everywhere in our dealership!

Electric Vehicles

Did you know Toyota has made a conscious decision to not be all-in with an all-electric vehicle?  The major deciding factor is battery supply.  They can make a much larger impact on the environment by choosing to make 1.3 million hybrid vehicles with the same battery materials that could make 78000 all-electric vehicles.  So if you are anxiously awaiting the all-electric RAV4 to make a comeback, you may be waiting a really long time.

Hybrid Battery Recycling Program

Did you know Toyota has had a Hybrid Battery Recycling program since 2010?  In fact as of 2015, Yellowstone National Park uses over 200 of them to power a bunch of their out buildings.

How can you be greener today? Have a Happy Earth Day and every day!

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